Yamada-kun (36) a programmer at a major games company hates his job, so turns
himself into the star of his own delusional dungeon-delving video game!
He even places his love interest, Maria-chan (18), in the game as
the captured princess! Will love conquer all?!

Let's play Yamada-kun's new roguelike RPG: 'Dandy Dungeon: Legend of
Brave Yamada'! Even with the carefree Yamada at the helm, the simplistic
looks belie devious depths, and Yamada's development experience grows as
you play so he's always adding more monsters and items. Details below!
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[Title] Dandy Dungeon -Legend of Brave Yamada- [Genre] Roguelite RPG
[Platform] Nintendo Switch / Steam [price] $ 18.99 / € 15.99 /£ 14.49

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